Just a few years ago, to be exact, 17 October 1996, a company was incorporated. The company, was formed to produce rubber parts.
Putting the first part of the word "Sistem" with the end part of "Dinamik" ("Sistem" and "Dinamik" is the Malaysian Language for "System" and "Dynamic", respectively), the company was called Sinamik. With further development and strong research available, Sinamik Engineering was established.


is the selected item to produce by Sinamik. Sinamik not
only sell the products in Malaysia but as well as across the five
continents of the world. Sinamik produces high quality
seals, O-rings, gaskets and related high precision rubber
components, with various different materials, of all shapes
and with many different finishes.

as every one knows and understands. Sinamik totally
agrees and only uses material from reliable producer like
Toshiba, Bayer, Nipol Zeon, Wacker, Dupont & DAI-EL. Sinamik
does not just adopt quality manufacturing system but as well
as using the best for the best.