- ISO 9001:2008 & ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification

is merely used as a recoginition by an individual party to certify the already established effective management system of Sinamik.

Sinamik maintains strict control on its manufacturing system to ensure quality and reliability standards are maintained. Prompt updates as well as findings are provided while customers can expect their requirements ranging from type of products to type of material to time of delivery are all adhered to.

At Sinamik, we do not practice ISO 9001-2008 but we already master it.

Sinamik was formed to meet clients’ needs for high quality products, reliability goods and professional vendor services.

We believe that we are meeting those needs throughout every aspect of our business. Our team brings wide experience in rubber manufacturing.

Meeting HONDA - DRB HICOM standards has not been easy.
Sinamik not only ensures they have done it, but were even awarded as the best.

Sinamik has great commitments for its vendors. Being a
committed Vendor to UMW, Sinamik participates aggressively in their Partnership

Sinamik is very professional throughout the entire life cycle of the partnership process, this includes a total awareness of their vendor's requirements, a thorough technical
understanding of the products,
manufacturing requirements and with a
willingness to listen to Vendor's needs.


Sinamik's produce are certified by LGM, Malaysian Rubber Board on the reliability and quality of products.

The technology centre of a major rubber conglomerate in Malaysia verifies the
consistancy of Sinamiks output.