Custom-engineered composite seals incorporate the seal and another component in one part to help ease installation and reduce assembly costs. They include complicated parts such as rubber, bonded to metal, plastic or filter materials. They simplify your design with one part instead of two or more, provide tighter tolerances and eliminate the seal to component installation process.

From the most exotic seal to microminiature shapes, our custom-designed, all-rubber shaped seals meet your exact specifications. Sinamik has a choice of manufacturing processes to produce your highly customized parts efficiently and effectively. Examples include:

* Moulded inserts
* Diaphragms
* Lip seals
* Piston seals
* Bushings
* Connector seals

At Sinamik, we don’t just manufacture a few standard seals for a handful of applications. Our products range from standard o-rings and extruded silicone profiles to highly complex composite seals, conductive elastomers (for EMI shielding) and thermal management materials. This means we can offer you a single source for total systems solutions. And that translates to reduce costs and improved efficiency for you.