Custom-engineered prototypes are Sinamik's specialty. Utilizing advanced processes and sophisticated CAD systems, we can help you drastically reduce the design and development stages.
With Sinamik Engineering, you deal direct with the
manufacturer and eliminate the middleman, giving you
distinct advantages of :-

Work with knowledgeable sales team and process design engineers with sealing industry experience
Time savings
Direct communications
Direct access to Design Engineering Expertise
Quality certification
Fast prototypes
Large seal inventory.


By adopting the latest highly-engineered technologies Sinamik
is able to manufacture engineered sealing solutions (technologically advanced sealing devices and materials) that can keep pace with the tighter tolerances, higher temperatures and tougher chemicals found in the modern machine.


Sinamik has the materials for most applications, from standard to hard-to-find, including Viton ®, Fluorosilicone, Polyurethane and Teflon ®.

If you're having difficulty finding softer durometer, high temperature resistance or other unique compounds, you'll find them at Sinamik.

Sinamik can
produce your custom shapes and seals in a wide variety of materials, including:

Fluorocarbon (Viton , Fluorel™)
Buna N (Nitrile)
EP (Ethylene-Propylene)
HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile)
XBN (Carboxylated Nitrile)
DAI-EL ( Fluoroelastomer )

Sinamik advances further with a fully intergrated and complete laboratory for testing, to excel in controlling of product’s quality.
  Sinamik are able to produce products with a choice of six basic materials each in a range of optional Durometer (Shore A) Hardnesses.

Other materials available upon request.

In the Buna-N family, you will find compounds which are ideally suited for oil resistant applications of all types.

In the Ethylene-Propylene family, you will find compounds that are used extensively for outdoor, weather resistant uses and water appliances. The first choice for low torque drive belts.

In the Silicone family, you will find compounds which are excellent as static seals in extreme temperature conditions.

In the Neoprene family, you will find compounds which are the superior sealing materials for the refrigeration industry featuring resistance to ammonia and Freon.®

In the Fluorocarbon family, you will find compounds which make-up the preferred seals for aircraft engines, automotive fuel handling systems and hard vacuum service.

In the Poly Acrylate Rubber family, you will find compounds which make-up seals used for hot oil exposure, particularly to oils containing sulphur bearing chemicals and additives, such as hypoid gear lubricants.

All materials are compounded under stringent quality control for uniformity of physical properties and to meet or exceed Government, Military, Space Program, Automotive, F.D.A., Industrial and Commercial specifications.